This 70-Year-Old Veteran Found Walking MILES To Visit His Wife In The Nursing Home

James Wright decided to take on a huge endeavor for one incredible reason: to visit his wife. The veteran from Alabama was doing everything that he could to support his wife who suffers from dementia and currently lives in a nursing home. While it wasn’t too far from his home if he drove, it was several miles. When his car broke down, he had trouble getting it fixed.

His wife now only responds to him, and after they had been apart for over a week, he just had to see her. He didn’t think it would be too bad of a walk, but once he had been walking in the Alabama sun for a while, he realized that it was too much for him. 

He flagged down an off-duty cop and admitted that he just couldn’t walk anymore.

He didnt look like he was in distress, but he looked defeated. I asked him if he needed an ambulance and he said “No…Im o.k…..I just cant walk no more and I want to see my wife”. I asked him where she was and he informed me of the nursing home she was in, so I told him I would take him there. ” The officer wrote.

Wright admitted that he had recently suffered a stroke and wasn’t able to walk for long distances. He thought he could make it.

He’d been in the U.S. Army for 22 years and fought in several wars, but as he told his story, began to cry and told the officer that none of his friends had made it home.

He took Wright to the nursing home to spend Memorial Day with his wife, all thanks to a kind, off-duty officer.

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