This 5th Grade Boy Saved Every Cent He Earned For One Beautiful Gesture!

Cody, started by saving his birthday money. He had a sweet idea in mind, but he quickly realized that it would take a lot more money than that. So he saved his Christmas money…and just kept saving! He did extra chores around the house, did some babysitting for family, friends, and neighbors, and negotiated to do random jobs as often as possible.

You see, Cody is in 5th grade, and that means he’ll be leaving his elementary school and start a new journey in middle school. But the thought made him sad. He had built relationships with his teachers, and knew that they were some pretty special ladies. He wanted to say “thank you” to them for their hard work and dedication to his education.

What better way to say thanks than a delicious meal at a nice restaurant?

For 6 months, he saved every penny that he could get his hands on. In the end, he raised just about $200! He designed personalized invitations and hand-delivered them to his teachers. A few had left the school, so he tracked them down and invited them, too!

He bought each teacher a flower and even wrote a speech!

When asked why he had done it, he said that his dad was a teacher, and he knew how much work went into preparing lessons, grading homework, and creating activities for the kids to do! He wanted his teachers to know that he appreciated their hard work.

He’s only 11. But he understands a lot more than anyone ever expected him to.

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