This 5-Year-Old Saved His Allowance For MONTHS To Do Something AMAZING!

William Evertz Jr. is making headlines this week with one incredible move that has thousands of people speechless. While most children would be begging their parents to take them to a toy store or candy shop to spend their allowance, little William asked his mother to help him put his saved allowance to better use.8.29a6

For five months, he planned the best way to say “thank you” to the people who put their lives on the line for the community every day, and “even when he sleeps!” Mom emailed the Winslow Township Police Department to arrange everything, and the local news stations caught wind of it, helping to spread the word of William’s good deed!8.29a7

On the special day, mom helped him purchase lunch from Subway, complete with drinks and chips, for the officers to “be healthy” while they are protecting everyone. William also plans to donate clothes, school supplies, and toys to a domestic violence shelter, and is saving up $25 to donate to a family that needs assistance with daycare expenses. He isn’t forgetting the local animals, either! He wants to donate food and supplies to his local animal shelter, too!

People are praising William for his kindness, and are thanking his parents for raising such a kind and giving son!


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