This 4-Year-Old Wanted Something Unusual For Her Birthday…And This Cop Wasted No Time Making Her Dreams Come True!

What did you dream about when you were 4 years old? Most of us probably don’t remember, but mom tells me that the only thing I was concerned about was eating all of the cake! And a quick search online will show us that most kids today want princess themed parties or super hero extravaganzas…most kids don’t want to do something nice for someoneĀ else. So when a little girl wanted to do something special for a police officer, Tara Murphy caught wind of it and knew the perfect person to recommend for the job! A guy named Mark Waggamon…who just so happened to be a police officer!


There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a child’s eyes light up and seeing their dream come true.”


This is the sort of thing that restores people’s faith in officers of the law. Protecting, serving, and going above and beyond what people expect of them, officers like this are why little kids like that want to do selfless things. She probably learned the police officers are there to help when we need them. She knew that if she was ever in trouble, she could call them for help. She wanted to do something nice for this everyday hero…and her birthday celebration has gone VIRAL because of it!

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