This 4 Year Old Gets Into Her Moms Makeup Bag And Is Making Me Laugh SO HARD

Every girl needs a handy makeup bag, right? It is your go-to kit whenever you are going out, working, or simply meeting people. But what do you do when you are 4-years-old and have not put together your own bag? Well, you raid your mom’s of course!

This is the obvious solution for Mia who wants to look good in the same way as her mother. Watch this video as she explains what she has done to her face and why she needed to borrow the stuff from Mama! If you are a girly-girl who loves your makeup too, you will love this show of interest and enthusiasm from Mia.

She gamely shows her mother how she applied blush on, mascara, and lip gloss, and even shares on her choice of lip stick! She is an adorable little one with a fabulous taste. For sure, there will be more of these makeup bag raids to come!

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