This 14-Year-Old Dog Was GIVEN UP For This One Terrible Reason…But The End Results Had Me CHEERING!

This is Ox, a 14-year-old dog who had been a loyal and loving pet to one woman for his entire life. He was brought to the Humane Society for Hamilton Country on one chilly afternoon and abandoned, watching his owner walk away in utter confusion. Shortly after, a worker posted this picture online with the following caption:

“We understand that people surrender pets to us for various reasons, and that’s what we’re here for. But all we can do when we encounter a situation like this is collectively shake our heads…and hope. Hope that someone will see this heartbreaking picture of a 14 year old dog surrendered, and will be moved to do something.

This is what a confused dog looks like. We hope that Ox can know love again…and the next picture we can share is of him in a new, loving, FOREVER home.”


What prompted Ox’s owner to give him up near the very end of his life? I’ll give you a hint. It wasn’t illness, it wasn’t laziness, and it wasn’t behavioral problems – which are the most common reasons when people surrender their pets – it was something much, MUCH harder to swallow…

Ox’s owner had entered into a new relationship. The callous owner’s significant other was allergic to Ox. That meant that, even though Ox had been by his owner’s side for over a decade, Ox had to go.

That’s when the internet did what the internet does best…Ox’s story went VIRAL within hours. Thousands of people began sharing the story and expressing their outrage at the owner’s cruelty. Why was giving this lovable dog up for adoption the FIRST thing this owner did? Why didn’t anyway try to find a different solution before abandoning a pet?


Within only 2 hours, Ox’s hope was restored. The shelter was bombarded with phone calls, emails, and visitors wanting the chance to meet Ox and add him into their families. Adopting an aging dog is a risk, but after reading his story, hundreds of people wanted to save his hope and give him a second chance at life!12.8d3

Ox was adopted by Lee Ann and accepted instantly by her family. This new update to the original Facebook post was met with celebration and gratitude, giving hope to the other dogs that were still up for adoption. Ox’s story inspired many other older dogs to be adopted that week, and his hope spread like wildfire!

Lee Ann also updated everyone on Ox’s progress. Ox had severe anxiety due to being abandoned so abruptly, and one of the symptoms was panting. Within just a few days, he was no longer panting and had started to bond with his new family. Ox was finally able to find his “forever home,” and his story has been an inspiration to so many other people who had been considering adoption!

I will never understand why people can abandon their pets, but I am happy to report that Ox has settled in to his new home. As an animal, he can’t possibly know why his owner just left him at this place and walked away. If he hadn’t been adopted, he would have been waiting and waiting and waiting until someone was forced to put him down. His last days would have been filled with sadness, loneliness, and confusion. Thankfully, his story ended on a happy note, and I am just so happy that there are still good people in the world who will open up their hearts to these lovable pups in need!

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