This 14-Year-Old Bought An Old Camper For $200 And Completely Transformed It Over The Summer!

Ellie Yeater lives in Williamstown, West Virginia, but she didn’t spend her summer vacation watching television or lounging on the couch. Instead, she saved up $500 from birthday money and chores in order to do something awesome! She did a lot of research before taking on this huge project and gained inspiration from different blogs and websites before starting. Once she was prepared for the challenge, she purchased a 1974 Wilderness camper on sale for $200.8.17a14It needed a lot of work, but she was prepared! She purchased paint, flooring, and fabric with the remaining money and was determined to finish the project before summer’s end.8.17a13The first thing she did was scrape up glue and debris (and sometimes the ancient tile) from the floor so that she could install her own flooring after the room was painted.8.17a15She sanded and painted the old wooden cabinets and walls to give the camper a more open atmosphere. The light shade of pink allowed more sunlight to reflect around the tiny space, and she made sure to get every inch – even the window sills!
8.17a16She enlisted the help of her grandmother to re-upholster the cushions, seating, and create new curtains to hang in the windows. She set up a snack area and stationed the camper closer enough to pull electricity and WiFi from the house. Her brother built a cabin out in the woods on their property, but she wanted to make sure that she had A/C and internet.8.17a17We’ll say that this little hideaway is perfect, and she spent her summer vacation well! Now she and her friends have a fun place to hang out after school and over weekends.


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