This 12-Year-Old Girl Just Accidentally Ran A Half-Marathon. Oops!

When was the last time you accidentally ran a half-marathon? That’s like asking when was the last time you accidentally did your taxes, or accidentally drove to Pensacola, Florida. It doesn’t seem like the kind of thing to be done on accident at all…and yet here we have 12-year-old LeeAdianez Rodriguez who did just that. The story makes a lot more sense once you hear it, but it’s still impressive considering that she hadn’t planned on running 13.1 miles that day!4.27a2LeeAdianez had been training to run a 5k marathon, which is only a little over 3 miles. Every day for 2 months, she¬†would go running in order to prepare for the race. She had decided that she wanted to start doing something athletic, and her mother supported her by practicing along with her. LeeAdianez¬†signed up for the 5k and was excited to run. However, they were running late and the race had already started by the time they go there. A worker at the starting line told her to just join in anyway.

After the 4 mile mark, LeeAdianez suspected that something was wrong. The 5k was only supposed to be 3 miles, yet the people around her showed no sign of stopping anytime soon. She asked someone running next to her how many miles were in the race…and she responded “13.1 miles.”

LeeAdianez was shocked for a second, but just said “Okay, I guess I have to run it then.”4.27a3And run it she did…while her mother frantically searched when her daughter never came across the 5k finish line! 2 and a half hours later, LeeAdianez came across the finish line for the half marathon and was met by tears and hugs from her mother, as well as astonishment that she had pushed through and run so many miles without practicing.

The two plan to run in more races together, but this time they plan to train for them!

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