This 11-Year-Old Girl Wanted To Help Save The Bees…So She Started Her Own Business!

When Mikaila Ulmer learned about the dire state of the bee population and how it would affect the environment and our food if they disappeared, she wanted to do something to help out! With the help of her grandmother’s secret recipe for delicious lemonade, she started a business that donates 10% of the profits to saving the bees!


If she added honey to her lemonade, called “BeeSweet,” she would be helping local bee keepers and donate money to international groups that help to boost the population of bees around the globe. But she wanted to do even more.

She gathered up her courage and approached the investors of “Shark Tank,” a television program that allows small businesses to pitch their ideas and get support and grow. Mikaila’s idea resonated with one of them, and ended up with a $60,000 investment to continue her good work!

She went on to gain a contract with Whole Foods and United Natural Foods who both agreed to sell the product! With these new multi-million dollar deals, BeeSweet will not only continue to grow as a business, it will also help to save the bees!

What’s in Mikaila’s future? She’s currently working on new flavors and helping her friends to start their own businesses. It’s a lot of work, and sometimes it isn’t easy, but with perseverance and a few good ideas, she hopes that everyone can be successful in life! Especially if it’s for a good cause!

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