This 100-Year-Old Model Just Floored Us With Her Incredible Photo Shoot!

Bo Gilbert is the very first 100-year-old model to grace the pages of Vogue magazine. In honor of its 100th year, it has enlisted the talent of Harvey Nichols, who in turn enlisted the talent of Ms. Gilbert. His vision is to tackle ageism in the fashion industry, believing that fashion doesn’t belong only to the young. A typical model is aged 16 – 25. Ms. Gilbert is 100.5.11a19

Gilbert prides herself on her bold choices, and always has. She admired all of the different hats that women wore in the 1930’s, and love the first pantsuits for women in the 1950’s. She has seen fashion change over the course of 100 years, and has never gotten bored of it.

She never leaves the house without makeup and always dresses nicely even if she plans to stay in that day. “I don’t dress for the boys,” she says with a giggle. Bo Gilbert knows what she is about, and her photograph reflects that timeless confidence that comes with age. 5.11a18

She shows the world that it is never too late to do what you love, and her appearance in the centenary issue of Vogue is the proof that her statement is 100% true. 5.11a20

When she sees the final picture, she is stunned and touched at the care that went into the photograph. Each item was picked out with care, and the gorgeous clothing paired with her maturity really brings a new perspective to what fashion should be about.

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