This 1 Easy Donation Can Make A HUGE Difference For Homeless Kids During The “Back To School” Rush.

Many kids are excited to go shopping with their parents for a back-to-school outfit. A new shirt, new jeans, and maybe the most important item of all, a new pair of shoes. Branded backpacks and supplies can run a family hundreds of dollars per child, and for a homeless family living in a shelter, finding food to eat every day is more important than buying shoes.

As a result, some children aren’t able to attend classes at all because they don’t have the required footwear (or any footwear at all) and miss the first few weeks of school until their parents can find shoes that fit in the donations boxes. Going back to school should be an exciting time, but for underprivileged kids everywhere, it is a time filled with shame and embarrassment when other students notice their used and worn-out items.

But many charities are popping up in cities all over the country as more and more people decide to help out. Donating gift cards to their local shelters helps homeless families purchase school supplies for their school-aged children, and donating a pair of shoes can make a world of difference to these children. One charity in Rhode Island, Gotta Have Sole, does just that. 8.17a1

While many supply donations spring to life during the back-to-school rush, not as many clothing donations exist. When children require a uniform to attend school, they may miss days at a time before they can purchase the required clothing. Reach out to your local charities and see what you can do to help. A child shouldn’t miss out on class because they aren’t able to find shoes.


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