Things Kept Falling Through This Wire Shelf…But The “Towel Hack” Just Didn’t Look Great. Instead…

The cheapest solution to stop items from falling through the cracks of her laundry room shelf was to lay a thick towel down on top of the wires…but it just wasn’t pretty to look at! Sure, it was functional…but it made her sad. Her budget for sturdy laundry room shelving was only $100, so buying one was out of the question. She decided to make it herself, and it turned out amazing!She found some lightweight cedar fence posts and decided to try and fit them together. She cut the edges at angles to fit together like a puzzle, using dowels and wood glue. She sanded the boards down to a fine grit and attached one board to lay flat on top. Her entire creation would easily lay right on top of the existing wire shelf!In the end, her boring wire shelf was hidden and her laundry room was given an upgrade that only cost $85! Even LESS than if she had tried to buy a single shelf! She used matched baskets for miscellaneous items like spare batteries and bulbs and sewing. She displayed her homemade laundry detergent and stain removers, and even made a gorgeous plaque for the wall! You can see more details on this project here!

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