Thief’s Candid Photo Makes Waves On Social Media For An Unexpected Reason: Eyebrows.

The internet loves to laugh, and while that usually means silly pictures of cats and toddlers being adorable, sometimes it takes on more serious topics. In this case, a felony theft. It all started when the Reynoldsburg Police decided to share the photo of a suspect that they believed was involved in a theft. She was accused of helping two other people steal gaming consoles…but it turned out that people who saw the picture were more concerned about the woman’s eyebrows than anything else. 

The real question is who stole her eyebrows,” one woman wrote.

I’m guessing their next stop was the Apple Store so she could steal some iBrows,” another wrote.

Thanks to her viral fame as being a “thief with no brows,” the story spread far and wide, making it easier for the police to learn who the suspects were. Arrests were made and the saga ended…but the jokes did not!

😜Are you the Winner we Picked a second ago?😜

Why they gotta make fun of the car for being rusty? What that car ever do to them?” One said.

Other comments advised future thieves not to steal from a store best known for its high-quality cameras and surveillance equipment!

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