Thief Takes Off With Her SUV While She Was Pumping Gas…But Her DOG Was In The Backseat!

When Tabitha Robinson stopped to get gas, she had no idea that a thief had been lying in wait. As she had been filling the tank and paying more attention to the pump than the unlocked SUV, a thief quickly hopped into the vehicle and sped off. Robinson’s heart broke not just because of her stolen SUV, but because she had been dog-sitting a small Jack Russell terrier named Austin. The 11-pound dog was small and unassuming, and now…missing.

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Days passed and Austin’s owner, Lauren Carroll, tried to let everyone know that her poor pup had been stolen. He meant so much to her and she just wanted him home again. She put out a notice of reward, and complete strangers contributed to help with the incentive for Austin to be returned. In the end, they had a $2,500 reward out for the return of Austin.

One week later, Carroll received a call. 

Austin had made his way to a kind woman’s back porch. She’d been wary of the strange dog that showed up at her house out of the blue, but after the dog had sat on her porch for two days, she finally let him in. She cared for him and asked around, but word of the missing terrier hadn’t found its way to her.

Then one night, Austin’s picture showed up on the local news and she realized that it was the same dog that had appeared on her doorstep!

She returned Austin healthy and happy!

The stolen SUV was found, and despite the frustration and uncertainty, the ordeal had a happy ending!

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