They’re Trying To Make ‘Hand Salad’ A Thing. “It Just Looks Like The Worst Way To Drink Salad Dressing!”

Food magazines usually have some pretty good information about all things food and drink related. But sometimes, they miss the mark. By a lot.

Knowing how long wine lasts after its been opened or the perfect temperatue to serve soup are useful tips that might help you plan meals…but some of the suggestions make many foodies feel that re-inventing the wheel just doesn’t seem necessary. Why can’t we enjoy normal salads? Being able to coat our veggies in a set amount of dressing not only helps us to keep an eye on those pesky calories, it makes sure that every bite gets that zesty little pop of dressing flavor.

Instead, they call it “hand salad.” It looks as strange as it sounds.
While they are using a healthier lemon-garlic-greek-yogurt dressing option…some people would rather use a heavier dressing. If someone put a bowl of Ranch dressing in front of me at a dinner party, I would definitely have a problem. 1.) I love Ranch dressing. 2.) Giving me a spoon-shaped piece of lettuce turns that dressing into actual soup. 3.) Maybe I don’t have any self-control.

Now on my way to the supermarket for some hand grapes to eat with my hand-cut hand cheese.” One comment joked.

It didn’t stop there.

Submitting my ‘hand sandwich’ recipe for review. Dinner guests will get a hoot over this fun summertime treat.” Another said.

Would you eat “hand salad?” What happens when you get to the end of your dressing and still have too many leaves? I can’t handle this. It’s too fancy.

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