They Wrote Hundreds Of Messages On Her Coffin…But The REAL Message Of Her Death Is Even More Tragic!

Laura Hillier lost her battle with Leukemia on January 20, 2016. She was going to graduate from her senior year of high school, and was loved by many for her musical talent, her passion for art, and her inspiring personality. While she needed a stem cell transplant in order to help her on her journey, there was a huge flaw in the medical care system that contributed greatly to her death.


Several matches for Laura had been found – all she needed to do was have the transplant. Unfortunately, the hospital put her on a wait list because – wait for it – they didn’t have any beds available.

Yes, you read that correctly. Even though Laura could have gotten the treatment that would have significantly increased her chances of beating the cancer, she wasn’t able to receive it due to the hospital not having beds.

The length of these stem cell transplant waiting lists continue to be a problem. In an interview with CTV, Laura attempted to raise awareness of this issue and stated that “…some people relapse in the wait, so they get cancer again, some people die. Some people get infections, and either succumb to the infections or have permanent damage while waiting.”

In Laura’s case, the worst scenario played out before her parents’ and friends’ eyes.


Since Laura did not live to see the end of her senior year, her friends decided to turn her coffin into a year book. They wrote hundreds of messages for Laura, and this wonderful photograph shows their love and adoration for the teen.

Her mother promised that she wouldn’t let Laura’s death mean nothing. She is going to continue raising awareness about these deadly wait times, and hope that one day soon, others can benefit from their sacrifice.

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