They Wrote Her Up For This Outfit, But The School’s Reason Doesn’t Make ANY Sense!

Apparently, schools today have bigger things to worry about than test scores or their graduation rates; they’re too busy policing the outfits that their female students wear to class. Take this school in Pennsylvania, for example. Their faculty decided to pull this student out of class after receiving one confusing complaint by a fellow male student that no one understands:

Too much cleavage.”

Yes, you read that right. Scroll back up and take another look. The student was given an after-school detention for her outfit, but when she asked why, they changed their reason to “excessive midriff.”

According to the student, she’d already worked with a classmate in a meeting with the principal to get their school to reverse a controversial policy where school administrators would photograph students who broke the dress code.

Alumni from the school have come forward to weigh in, stating that school is all about learning. It isn’t a business, it isn’t a place of worship, and it shouldn’t be a place that makes female students feel targeted just for wanting to learn.

When pulling a girl out of class for wearing jeans and a sweatshirt is more important than actually learning. I see LTHS really values their students and their education.” One wrote.

The school hasn’t responded as of yet, but students are hopeful that their protests will be heard.

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