They Woke Up Without Kidneys Through A Donor-Scheme Set Up For Total STRANGERS!

Would you donate an organ to someone that you had never met? Kevin Burke decided that at 27 years of age, he wanted to give back to society. He didn’t have money or a lot of time to donate, but he did a lot of research and found a way that he could really help out and actually change someone’s life.

Currently in the UK, only about 100 kidneys are donated each year, while over 300 people¬†die while waiting on a kidney. Kevin realized that he would be able to “live perfectly¬†fine on one kidney. So all the while you’ve got some people living a rotten life of pain and dialysis because they don’t have one.” If he could save a life…why not do it?

Kevin’s older brother, Stefan, called his little brother to talk him out of it…but during the conversation, Kevin gave a very convincing argument! The argument led to Stefan wanting to donate a kidney as well.

They began the required tests to make sure they were good candidates and would survive such a complicated operation, and even staggered their procedures so that their job wouldn’t suffer. They work at the same company, and they wanted to consider their time off as well.

By donating kidneys, their government actually covered their wages for 6 weeks while they had the operation and recovered. They don’t know who their kidneys were donated to, but they plan to find out soon.


“I’m…concerned about doing the right thing morally, and leaving this planet in a better state than I found it in.” Kevin was quoted about the experience. Right now, two people are living better lives thanks to the generous donations of these two brothers, and their father could not be more proud of them!

Would you consider donating a kidney to a complete stranger? While it is a vital organ, we do happen to have 2 of them and only need 1 to survive. It’s a big thing to think about, but these brothers made it all seem so easy! Amazing!

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