They Were Tired Of Debating Where To Eat Out Every Week…So They Made Their Own Spinner!

Jared Baker was having a discussion with his dad, Jerry, about the answer to that age old question: “where do you want to eat?”

In most cases, the answer is simply “it doesn’t matter.” Then, you’re led into a back-and-forth argument about how nobody is craving anything and nothing sounds good…but you’re still hungry, can someone pick something already!

While there are several mobile apps that will pick places to eat based on your price range and location, something about this homemade device is just too appealing.Jerry ended up being inspired by their conversation when he encountered this very problem with his girlfriend. He peeled the stickers off of this farmhouse toy and replaced them with every local restaurant in the area. Now, when they don’t feel like cooking, they can just spin the wheel and follow its lead!

They have already used it once to decide what to eat, and it makes all the difference!

When using an app, it is just too easy to press “next.” Using this physical wheel somehow makes the decision more “permanent.” Will you be making a board for your next fast food dilemma?

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