They Were Taking Selfies Then CRAZY Stuff Happened!

I’m sure you heard, seen, or have even taken selfies. A selfie is a photo one takes of themselves typically with a smart phone. We have found the top ten most epic selfies. These pictures have been taken with PERFECT timing. Get ready to smile because these are sure to make you laugh!

1. Was being this happy worth the $1500 in fines?


2. This guy takes a genius selfie imitating these selfie lovers.



3. I had to do a double-take, but this kid is hilarious!


4. Adorable selfie…only cost getting a rabies shot.


5. Impressively dangerous baseball selfie.


6. The selfie taker’s reaction is priceless.



7. The faces are perfect.


8. This hand-free selfie is pretty impressive.


9. Even though he’s in a life threatening situation…at least he got a selfie!


10. This man survived a plane crash…and has a selfie to prove it.


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