They Were STUCK On The Freeway Because Of A Burning Truck In The Hot Sun. One Woman Decided To Do Something AWESOME!

Tina Donaldson was stuck in traffic with her two kids in the car. She hadn’t expected to be out so late after running a few errands, but an accident on the freeway closed down all of the lanes. She was now at a dead stand-still while emergency crews worked to clear burning wreckage off of the freeway, but it was taking a long time to do. In 95 degree heat, sitting still in your car can quickly become unbearable – especially if you have two young kids in the car, too! ¬†That’s when Tina looked over and saw something truly incredible…


…I am soo thankful for your generosity and kindness :)”


How many people do you know that would notice the freeway was stopped, go out and buy bottled water for dozens of trapped motorists, and stand outside in the heat to pass them out? This woman deserves a lot more than just a quick post on Facebook – but it seems that no one can find this generous soul! Hopefully someone will recognize her soon, since her story is going VIRAL! She deserves a huge “thank you” and maybe an interview on television! This is a wonderful story and it truly warmed our¬†hearts!

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