They Were Sleeping Peacefully Until The Family Dog Started Acting Strangely. This Could Have Been So Much Worse!

Dogs are incredible creatures. Did you know that some dogs can be trained to detect when a human has high or low blood sugar? By smelling a person’s breath, they can sense whether that person has high or low blood sugar. They can alert people that they need to check their sugar levels or eat a snack. While having a dog that can sense this condition is nice throughout the day, at night, they can literally save a life. This mother will never be able to thank the family dog enough for waking her up in the middle of the night.

3.7a3…because if we don’t share our stories how would anybody ever know that this is what…millions of other go through every single day.”


If a dog could look worried, I would imagine that this is the “face” they would make. Having a dog that can do this amazing thing isn’t always guaranteed. Dogs have unique sleep patterns, and if Jedi had been in a deep sleep, he might not have recognized the dangerous sugar levels. Thankfully, he was awake and alert when his human needed him the most! Training a loyal dog to detect this sensitive condition can literally save lives. As this dedicated mother said, “it’s not easy trying to be a pancreas,” and thankfully, she has a faithful companion who is more than willing to help her out – day and night!

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