They Were Shocked To Learn That This 2-Year-Old Cat Would NEVER Grow!

When S’mores was just 6 weeks old, a cat carrier was accidentally dropped onto her head. It caused brain damage and left her unable to move, eat, or drink. It was a terrible diagnosis, but the rescuers at the Odd Cat Sanctuary refused to give up on her. They just knew that she could pull through it and devoted a lot of time to her care.

The hooked her up to a feeding tube and for months, she just laid on a bed and survived. They weren’t sure when or if she would recover from the brain injury, but slowly, she began to respond to the rescuer’s efforts. At first, she was only able to swallow small amounts of water. Then, she was able to lick at food on a plate.

Eventually, she started walking (only in circles, and only to the left), but she kept fighting.The most curious part, however, was the fact that she never grew. At 2 pounds, she was the size of an 8-week-old kitten. Two years later, she was stronger and able to use the litter box, but she was still the size of a kitten.

The micro kitty may have many challenges in life, but finding affection isn’t one of them!Her new forever home accommodates her needs, gives her lots of cuddles, and is glad that this little fighter found her way into their home!

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