They Were Sent A Box Of ‘BIC Pens For Her.’ They Immediately Posted These Reviews…And We Can’t Stop Laughing!

Regular items that have been colored pink, marketed to women, and sold at higher prices is the bane of our society. Okay, maybe one of the banes, but still, it’s up there. This time, BIC has gone too far. It’s a regular pen. It comes in blue and black ink. But why is it more expensive? The packaging is pink, and the pen’s body is colored purple. “For women.”

When Innocent, a natural juicing company got a box of pens to try out, they couldn’t WAIT to write down their experiences with this REVOLUTIONARY pen! They have a hilarious social media team because these replies are incredible.


Obviously, only women can use these pens. Finally, a pen that WOMEN can use!3.21a41

It’s true, this feminine pen finally gives women the ability to write out their true feelings about flowers and rainbows and unicorns. It’s a dream come true.

3.21a42Zing! This company is on point.

3.21a43Hey, if you’re already doing the chores you’re supposed to do before your husband gets home, you might as well do a bit of extra ironing. It couldn’t hurt!


When will they start selling WOMAN paper? Women can’t be expected to use their woman pens on man paper, can they?! This is a nightmare!

In all reality, this needs to stop. It’s getting ridiculous. It’s just a pen! What do YOU think about these gender specific pens?

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