They Were Promised A “Room With A View…” The Realtor Forgot To Mention What That View Was…

The Camden area of London is pricey, but everyone who is anyone wants to live there. Average rent prices in the area hover around $600 per week for an apartment, but for those prices, you might expect to get…oh, I don’t know, actual windows?!8.8a3

Jose Jimenez and a roommate apparently rented this home after seeing it in the dark. Normally, it would be kind of funny, but with the prices the pair are probably having to pay every week, it seems downright cruel. We’re wondering why the builders even bothered to make these indentations in the first place! …And perhaps more importantly, who shelled out the cash to purchase blinds for a blank wall…

The rumor surrounding this ridiculous picture? Well, many people think that there used to be a window there (hence the indentation) but a new building code required it to be filled in with brick for safety reasons. That sounds a little far-fetched to us, but we can’t come up with a better explanation other than “it looks normal at night, I guess.” Perhaps we will never know why someone put up two sets of blinds in this living room.

The real question on everyone’s minds…

What’s behind those other blinds?

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