They Were In The Same Picture 15 Years Ago – They Believe It Was FATE!

This is one of those stories that seems too good to be true…but they have PROOF! Many times, we hear things that seem a little too far-fetched to be real, but this time, there is proof that it wasn’t some made-up story passed from person to person in an email chain. Sometimes, “love at first sight” can wait 20 years to come true.

Wang and Zhu only met five years ago when they were introduced by a mutual friend. They weren’t in love, but they enjoyed spending time together. At one point, they realized that they grew up in the same area. Zhu started to reminisce about “the old days” and pulled out a photo book. They looked through it together…

…and came across a picture of the two of them standing side-by-side! He recognized himself immediately, but the pair don’t remember meeting on that day. Wang was not related to the family and thinks that he must have wandered into the picture out of curiosity – there were wedding celebrations at the time – and knows that he is not related to anyone that attended.

How could we turn up in the same photo? It’s unbelievable.”

They began dating, thinking that it had to be destiny. Five years later, they stand side-by-side once again, but this time, as husband and wife!

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