They Were Driving After Heavy Snow When His Sons Yelled “Pull Over!”

Daniel Medina described it as his “proudest dad moment,” and after you read about what happened one frigid night along s60th street.

Medina was driving with his two sons. The night was cloudy and snow had fallen heavily all throughout the city. While the streets had been cleared, the sidewalks were overflowing with snow, and many of the homes hadn’t gotten the chance to shovel away their snow.

The snow drifts were large, but as the family was driving, his sons shouted for dad to stop the car. His sons were just ages 6 and 10, but that day, he saw clearly the kind of men they would grow into.The boys had spotted a man in a wheelchair attempting to shovel snow. His corner lot had been covered in the thick, white snow. The man had been making slow progress, but the boys wanted to help. They got out of the car and grabbed shovels, working alongside the man to clear off the snow in front of his lot.

Dad stepped back to appreciate the moment and took this photograph to not only share with everyone on social media, but to keep and remind his boys about the good deed that they did that day.

It was cold, and they all would have rather been warm and cozy in their own home. Instead, they chose to help a complete stranger do a difficult task, and dad could not have been more proud.

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