They Were DISGUSTED When They Sat Down Next To A Gay Couple…The Management’s Response Is GLORIOUS!

What do you get when people can’t seem to keep their hatred to themselves? Usually some pretty uncomfortable situations! It’s perfectly fine to have an opinion. It is also perfectly fine to assert your opinion when you feel like it is necessary…unfortunately, that means that so is everyone else! When your opinion clashes with those around you, there are bound to be situations like this one that can make – or break – anyone’s day!

(A few years ago I was working as a hostess in a restaurant. One night, two men come in and ask for a table. I lead them to an available one.)

Older Man: “We can’t sit at this table.”

Me: “I’m sorry. Is there something wrong?”

Older Man: “We just can’t sit here; move us somewhere else.”

(I’m confused, as the table I was seating them at was actually our most popular one. It had an amazing view of the city and was just far enough from the bathrooms to avoid too many customers walking by. I start walking toward a manager to ask where I should move them, when the two young, clean, nicely-dressed men at the next table happen to get up to leave.)

Older Man: “It’s okay! We can sit here now!”

(At the relief in his voice and the way his friend rolled his eyes at the couple leaving, I realize this guy assumed the two young men were gay, and could apparently not eat in their vicinity. I relate what happened to my (gay) manager and the (straight) server.The manager catches the server before he greets the table and tells him something that I will never forget!)

Manager: “You’re only allowed to talk to these guys as if you at like you’re the gayest person on this planet. I will buy your dinner if you do this.”

(I will never forget the look of horror on the men’s faces when the server, a huge, beefy black guy who could probably flip any car in the parking lot, started telling them the specials while sounding like a drag queen.)

I will never understand why people feel the need to judge those around them! The only time I care who is eating around me in a restaurant is if there are other kids at the neighboring tables that might distract my kids and cause a scene for other diners. I’m not at a restaurant to look at other people, I’m there to spend time with my friends or family and eat a delicious meal! Priorities, am I right?


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