They Went To The Hospital As Soon As The Wedding Was Over And Captured This Bittersweet Moment!

Weddings usually bring families together, but when tragedy strikes, it doesn’t care how special the day is. The night before their wedding, this happy couple found out that the bride’s grandmother had suffered a heart attack and had been rushed to the hospital.

Their family assured them that they should go through with the wedding, and while they were able to celebrate their new lives together, there was something missing! After the ceremony and reception, the family headed to the hospital so that her granny could see her in the wedding dress and congratulate them in person.

It was a sweet, beautiful and emotional moment but so glad I caught it on film!” Said the photographer.

It wasn’t how they had planned to spend the day, but a family that can stick together during the hard times shows just how resilient they can be. Their marriage began with a difficult situation, but they bravely faced it together! Granny was able to see her granddaughter and wish them well in person.

The photographs touched many people who shared their own stories shockingly similar to this one. Even more shared that they stopped by their grandparent’s nursing homes when the elderly guests weren’t able to attend the festivities! They made time for the people who mattered…and the people who mattered didn’t mind!

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