They Went To Grab A Quick Meal But Walked Away With A Beautiful Story

Carlos and his family had to evacuate when a violent hurricane ripped its way through their town and threatened their lives. It meant a lot of uncertainty while they waited to find out what had happened to their home, but they were able to spend time with family in the meantime. When his mother in law took him and his wife out for a meal, he had no idea that it could have ended with such a selfless gesture from a complete stranger.

While they were eating, Mary, their waitress, heard about their story as she served their table. They made small talk, but as Carlos and his family left the restaurant, Mary handed them a folded lunch ticket. They didn’t open it until they stepped out into the parking lot…but once he read it, he went right back inside to find her.They tried to give the money back, but Mary told them something that stopped them in their tracks.

She had gone to the back while they were eating, she said, and prayed about how she could help the family while they went through this difficult time. The answer, she realized, was to bless them with something they could use to make their lives a little easier. She wouldn’t take the money back.

They shared their story…and incredibly enough, people began to reveal they¬†they¬†knew Mary, too! In the small town, a lot of people had been to her restaurant before and promised to tip her a little extra the next time they stopped in to eat!

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