They Wanted To Stop For Lunch, But The Restaurant Was Closed…An Employee Invited Them Inside Anyway!

Caitlin Langevin was traveling with her family when they spotted a nice place to eat. They were on their way back home after evacuating for hurricane Irma and had a long trip ahead of them. They pulled into this parking lot, but were stopped by an employee outside…

I noticed you have Florida plates. Are you returning home?” The man asked them.

They told him that they were, but they wanted to stop in for a quick bite to eat before continuing their trip. That’s when he told them that the restaurant was actually close for employee training, but to follow him inside anyway!
The restaurant didn’t officially open for another four days, but since they were training, it meant there was going to be food left over. They used her family to train employees, and the family got a delicious meal out of the deal!

Caitlin wanted to repay the favor and spread the news about the kind staff at this restaurant in Georgia. Over 30,000 people shared her post, and residents of Cedartown, GA promised to stop by on the opening day!

The restaurant hadn’t done it for the recognition, but Caitlin wanted to pay it forward however she could!

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