They Wanted To Raise $500 For Their Beloved Substitute Teacher…The Community’s Reaction? WOW.

Walter Erickson has been a substitute teacher in Minneapolis for 26 years after he retired from teaching. At 80 years old, he hadn’t planned to stop anytime soon…but he had a heartbreaking reason.

His wife needed surgery to remove her cataracts and some dental work. He’d been working and saving up, and when his students found out that the surgeries might not be covered by his insurance, they wanted to do something to help out.
Mr. Erickson was a favorite around the school, connecting with students and caring about their futures in a way that was truly inspiring to them. So, two students took it upon themselves to start a fundraiser with a modest goal of $500.

As students found out about it, they donated what they could…but as more and more people shared the story, donations from total strangers came pouring in! Six days after starting their fundraiser, they had raised over $13,000.

Once he found out what the students were doing for him and his wife, he was floored.

When I told my wife about this last Friday, she said, ‘Who are these girls? What kind of parents do they have that they could be so caring and compassionate?'” Mr. Erickson said.

They were simply glad to help!

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