They Wanted To Help A Disabled Puppy…But Didn’t Know Where To Start! This Employee Went The Extra Mile!

Yves Cardus went to Home Depot with the hopes of being able to help her niece’s puppy. The little dog suffers from paralysis and is unable to use his back legs to get around. They looked up some different ideas online and printed a few of them out, hoping that they might be able to build a functional wheelchair for the tiny dog. The most important thing was comfort, but they also needed to be mindful of their budget.

When they arrived at the store, they were approached by a curious employee who wanted to know what they were trying to build. When they showed him their plans and explained that they were trying to help a puppy, he decided to help!Several employees pitched in to help. They decided to build a cookie chair, a chair specifically designed to help back mobility…and they donated the materials!

By the time they were finished, the little dog was able to easily and comfortably get around without being carried. The managers and employees that pitched in changed this little dog’s life and made one little girl very happy!The employee could have just pointed them to the isle with pipes, or given them pointers before ringing them up…

Instead, he went above and beyond, and because everyone working at the store cared about the project, they went the extra mile to help the dog!

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