They Wanted To Adopt A Dog…But Came Home With THESE Animals Instead! Touching!!

A man and his wife went to a local rescue shelter on day, wanting to see if they could find a dog to adopt and take home with them. They met a pair of unlikely friends that would change their lives forever.

Karma was a puppy – just 3 weeks old – and had come down with a virus. Her previous owner didn’t have enough money to pay for the bills at the vet, so reluctantly gave her up for adoption.

The veterinarian treated her to the best of his ability, but she was still contagious to other dogs. They decided that the best way to keep her in the rescue shelter and not infecting other dogs was to put her with a cat!


Kismet was a young kitten that wouldn’t be affected by Karma’s virus, and they became fast friends. While Karma was still recovering from the illness, she was still excited to play with Kismet, and this is how the man and his wife found them. They were inseparable , and they knew that the pair couldn’t be separated. They just loved each other too much!

When Karma needed to be taken out for visits to the vet, little Kismet would meow and cry until Karma was returned. The couple wasn’t sure that they were ready to adopt both a dogĀ andĀ a cat, so they decided to wait and see if that was truly what they wanted.

Many people who saw the unusual pair admitted that if they had adopted both animals, they would just put the cat back up for adoption. The man and his wife decided that they couldn’t live any longer without the adorable duo and adopted them both 3 weeks later. They have become lifetime friends, and this quirky little family is living happily ever after!

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