They Wanted A Picture Of Their Rings…When They Noticed THIS?! This Picture Is Going VIRAL!

He calls them “Memories of Tomorrow,” and the pictures are quickly becoming a must-have at wedding and engagement photo sessions!

Making the choice to get married is a huge step in everyone’s life, and the occasion is celebrated with festivities of all sorts…but one thing that most every ceremony includes is the exchanging of the rings. Big or small, silver, gold, or platinum, these rings symbolize the couple’s devotion and hope for the future.

Professional photographers are usually hired to document every moment of the day – the bride getting dressed, the “first look,” and the rings being favorites of everyone.

Peter Adams-Shawn has found a way to take that picture to the next level. A picture-within-a-picture expertly executed in a gorgeous snapshot of the couple’s life.
5.4a20The bride and groom are on each end of the ring’s reflection.5.4a21The bridal party’s dresses and the bridal gown are perfectly reflected in this gorgeous shot!5.4a22The scene is expertly framed in this tropical location. I can feel the warm sand between my toes just by looking at this amazing picture!5.4a23The bride and groom on one end, and the bridal party is on the other!5.4a24The bride’s bouquet is framed in the rings! What a beautiful idea!5.4a25More and more people are wanting this incredible style during their photography sessions! This artist has a real eye for what makes an incredible picture! It not only shows off the rings, it captures a moment that will be cherished for a lifetime. A sweet setting, and truly a “memory of tomorrow.”

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