They Wanted A Cat But May Have Accidentally Adopted The World’s Fluffiest Pillow

After his family came to the decision that they could no longer care for him, Louie was surrendered to the local shelter with a hug goodbye and best wishes for the future. The Persian/Turkish Van mix waited day after day with many other cats just waiting for a new family to come along and adopt him.

As it turns out, a loving family was just days from finding him! Their own kitty, Sohpie, passed away due to illness, and this family was ready to welcome a new cat into their home. They didn’t want a kitten, and the 3-year-old fluffy white cat seemed to be a perfect fit. 

She spotted Louie on Facebook and decided to email the shelter. The location was over an hour away, but she had to take the chance. What if Louie was perfect?

As soon as they arrived, Louie greeted them from his spot in the front lobby, lounging in a spot of sunlight! They knew he would be purrfect as soon as they looked into his beautiful amber colored eyes!

As soon as he arrived at his new home, he made himself comfortable, nestled among the pillows of the couch.

Louie loves to lounge and can frequently be found mimicking the shape of a large cloud. More often, he spreads out in the family’s hallway to spend his afternoons napping away. 

This fluffy kitty found love, and this family found…basically, an adorable pillow!

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