They Want Their Wedding Bands Engraved…But This Wife Did Something SNEAKY Instead Of Romantic!

The idea of engraving a special message inside of a piece of jewelry is not a new one. A guy might have a necklace engraved with a special message for his sweetheart, or a mother may have a bracelet engraved with the names of her children to keep them close to her heart after they have moved away. Often, these messages are meant to be a surprise or a gift for a loved one, but some couples decide to create a truly unique moment by engraving their wedding bands on the insides!


Some couples forego a message and instead choose to memorialize the date on which they said their vows. This is ideal for the spouse who happens to always forget their wedding anniversary! It’s sentimental without being over-the-top.


And then there is this wife! Apparently, she slipped a note to the jeweler when her husband wasn’t looking with DIFFERENT instructions than what they agreed upon in the store! She must have been very sly about it because he didn’t have a clue until they received them! Close friends of the couple ensure us that this is exactly their sort of humor in the relationship. He doesn’t regularly take his ring off – it was just a silly poke at their unique love!

Put it back on!”


Would you write something funny like this in your weddings bands, or would you prefer to take the more traditional route and just stick with your wedding date and a cute “together forever?”

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