They Vacation In Luxurious Mansions…In Exchange For Pet-Sitting! Yes, Please!

Taking a vacation can get costly – especially for pet owners – and many people decline those exotic summer getaways out of guilt…they just don’t want to leave Fido at a boarding house for two weeks! But one website decided to combine the best of both worlds: people who want to go on vacations without their pets, and people who don’t mind pet-sitting in exchange for a free room!
Trusted Housesitters allows trustworthy pet lovers to vacation in French farmhouses, Australian beach villas, and luxurious 3-storey mansions in exchange for caring for the owner’s pets while they are away on business or vacations of their own. The process takes a while to build up a good reputation, but many pet sitters are able to gain good references by pet-sitting in their own city before being accepted to stay in more adventurous locales. The process is thorough, and they aim to pair the most adoring animal lovers with exciting homes to stay in. The process is so exciting that some people quit their 9-to-5 day jobs and spend each their time traveling around the world, caring for animals and staying in houses all across the world! It takes dedication to become a traveling house-sitter, especially one that cares for animals at the same time, but for some people, it’s an incredible way of life!

Would you try it out?

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