They Tried To Prank The New Guy…But Their Bosses TURNED The Tables In The Most Hilarious Way!

Office pranks are fairly common in many offices! While most are limited to small, easily reversible jokes, some are a lot bigger…and are remembered for years to come! These guys pulled such a huge prank that no one will ever forget it! For years to come, even if these guys leave the company, people will still talk about this disaster of a practical joke!

So at the time my dad was working at a advertising company or something. I forget. It’s not really important. What is important is it was a very professional environment.

Everyday he’d put on a fancy shmancy suit and tie and work in a very fancy shmancy building. One day a new employee was promoted to his floor or something like that.

The new guy was pretty young, like fresh out of college, almost. Turns out there were two other guys who worked with my dad that went to the same college as the new guy. I’ll call them Ted and Teddy. Immediately the new guy started to look up to them. He’d go to them for advice and what not. After about three days, Ted and Teddy decided to play a prank on the new guy. So they decide they should tell him that the next Friday was Hawaiian shirt day, but of course it wasn’t.

They tell my dad about it before hand and ask if he can email him about it too so it looks like everyone knows about it. My dad says he’ll do it.

So my dad emails the new guy about Hawaiian shirt day. Then he email’s his boss and fills him in on the situation, but instead of just ratting out Ted and Teddy, he and his boss organize an actual Hawaiian shirt day and tell everyone in the office except Ted and Teddy. Mean while, my dad tells Ted and Teddy that the coming Friday is corporate picture day so they’ll dress super fancy.

The picture of my dad’s whole office, dressed in Hawaiian shirts, except two dudes in the back wearing fancy suits is priceless.


Too many bosses would have let the opportunity slide on by, but these guys decided to go with the flow of an office prank! Why spend thousands of dollars on “team building” retreats when you could have fun at the office in a more productive way! It teaches us a valuable lesson. Finding the joy in everyday is important. Recognizing opportunities and ways to take advantage of life, have fun, and flip bad situations into good ones is a talent! You just have to practice!

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