They TRANSFORMED This Pop-Out Camper Into The PERFECT Hideaway!

Jacque and her husband wanted to teach their kids to appreciate the great outdoors, and ever since they renovated a large RV, Jacque wanted to keep at it. The kids used to spend most of their free time playing video games, but ever since the family moved into an RV resort, the kids love to swim in the lake (a.k.a. their front yard!) and go fishing.

They came across a 1995 Coleman Fleetwood Royale that had been previously used as a hunting camper. Every buyer eventually turned it away due to a large, molding stain on a section of canvas, but Jacque wasn’t deterred.10-12a7Jacque wasn’t scared of the stain and knew that all it needed was a little bit of love and attention (and a powerful stain remover). She also created custom cushions and pillows, using the material from thick blackout curtains. With three kids running around, preventing stains and protecting the cushions from spills was a top priority!10-12a4She used marble-printed contact paper to cover the area around the sink and painted everything white. She also used wood-printed vinyl floor tiles to cover the white linoleum that spread through the entire pop-up camper.
10-12a5The space was cleaned, crisp, and after a few homey touches, made the perfect getaway from the RV life! Having another space to go to when the RV got too crowded made a huge difference…but now that she’s finished this project, she’s looking for another one! Would you love to complete a project like this? Where would YOU put your little pop-up camper? See more details on this project here!


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