They Transformed This Bus Into A Healthy Grocery Store On Wheels For The Under Privileged!

The idea for this bus was simple: bring healthy food to the communities who need it the most. A better way to do that? Put it on wheels!

Jeremy Goss, Tej Azad, and Colin Dowling have co-founded the St. Louis MetroMarktet – a mobile farmer’s market. They are bringing this bus to places that have been dubbed “food deserts” because they don’t have easy access to grocery stores to purchase food. An entire neighborhood within a large city that doesn’t have a grocery store nearby? That’s just unheard of.5.17a5This bus is stocked with fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, and dairy products from local farmers and even community gardens. Workers and volunteers provide the public with demonstrations on how to prepare some of the food being offered in the bus, and even nutritional information to go along with it.5.17a6Shopping at the MetroMarket costs $150 for a membership, called a “Fresh Pass,” gives families access to the market that drives into their neighborhood. If you live in a “desert community” below the poverty line, it’s free. If you don’t, your employer can pay the annual membership instead.5.17a7They are backed by several corporations, too. TheCarinal Glennon Children’s Hospital has doctors who will write perscriptions for “fruits and vegetables” if they notice a deficiency in a child’s diet. They explain why fresh produce is essential to a growing child, and hope that the children learn to incorporate these foods into their diets as they grow older.5.17a8Their ultimate goal? To put themselves out of business. It isn’t a long-term solution to drive a bus full of produce into these underprivileged areas. They hope that the problem is solved quickly as they raise awareness, but until that time, they will be around, teaching people about nutrition and offering something truly unique to the people who need it the most.

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