They Tossed A Stray Dog Over Her Fence In The Middle Of The Night. When Strangers Heard? Wow.

During the middle of the night, a pitiful creature was dropped over the fence of someone’s backyard. In the morning, a woman realized that there was a dog in her backyard…and she didn’t have a dog. The abandoned animal was barely breathing, lying in her garden. She called for help, and rescuers were shocked to find the dog in such a horrible state.

She was suffering from mange, ulcers, and severe issues with her ears and eyes. They were shocked to see that she was still alive. They immediately took blood samples to see what else was lurking underneath the surface, but they didn’t have high hopes that should would survive.

Regardless of if the results said that she could be saved, her recovery would be astronomically expensive…but before they gave up, they decided to make one last ditch effort to save her.

They gave her the name Wanda and knew that it would be expensive. Nearly $4,000 would be needed for Wanda’s recovery.

Her story resonated with the public, and within days, they had met, doubled, and surpassed the amount! Over $11,000 was raised to get Wanda the care that she needed.

Veterinarians helped Wanda in every way that they could…and three months later, Wanda isn’t recognizable.
She lives with a foster family and posts regular updates for the strangers that cared enough to save her life with their generosity.

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