They Took This Family Photograph…Your Heart Will BREAK When You Notice What’s BESIDE Them!!

Katy Patten and her family were expecting twins in 2011. Things were progressing smoothly and her baby bump was growing fast! The whole family was so excited to be expecting not one, but TWO new babies to their home! However, at only 17 weeks, Katy suddenly went into labor, shocking her family and doctors.

She was rushed to the hospital and delivered two perfect baby boys, Aiden and Gavin. Within a few days of their birth, her precious sons gave up their fight and passed away. They were devastated, but refused to give up hope on their dreams of having children. They began to try again.


Guiliana was their next child who was born without complications! After that, they soon had little Ava and their family began to grow! They were excited that they would be able to have the family they’d always dreamed of, but wanted to remember their two sons who had been lost much too early in life.¬†12.8a2

With help from a photographer, they took THIS picture and memorialized the memories of their sons forever! This family photograph is full of love, remembrance, and most importantly, hope for the future! Their sons will always be by their side, thanks to one very creative artist! Amazing!12.8a

This is one of the sweetest things the internet has ever seen…no wonder this picture has gone VIRAL! This is so incredible!

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