They Told Her That Abortion Was The BEST Option For Her Unborn Daughter…Four Years Later, She Has THIS To Say To Them!!

Getting news like this from the doctor is more common than most of us realize. We think, “oh, that could never happen to me! It’s only a 1 in 1,000 chance!” For this mom, the odds were not so small. What options are there, really? The doctors said that she should just abort the child. What kind of life would she have if she were born? There are so many things she wouldn’t be able to do, and every single day would be a fight to stay alive. She had THIS to say to them then, and now, 4 years later, is sharing her story for everyone to hear!

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Disabilities don’t define those who have them. Honor is a person, with likes and wants and dreams and hopes and a future. What she has is an obstacle that tries to hold her back from achieving these goals every day of her life. But Honor is surrounded by her loving family who supports her, day in and day out, helping her along despite her physical limitations. As she grows and discovers more of who she is and will become as a person, her mother will love watching her live life to the fullest. Her brother will love helping her to succeed. Her grandmother will love seeing her legacy passed on in the most inspiring way. This story touched so many hearts, and it will touch so many more as it has gone VIRAL in less than a day!

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