They Thought This Lake Was Frozen…But He Jumped Into The FREEZING Water When He Saw THIS!

Lars Jørun Langøien and Yngvil Søholt were out on a nearly-frozen lake one day, wandering around to take pictures. They weren’t really expecting anything. They might capture a few scenic shots for their portfolio, maybe take a few pictures to send home to mom, but mostly they were just out to enjoy the day. Gorgeous, right?


They saw this little duck walking along the surface of the lake and stopped to take a few pictures. The duck did not fly away when they got too close. The little duck just kept on walking towards them.


Without warning, the little duck slipped through an area of the lake that hadn’t frozen over yet. They waited for a moment, but it was suddenly clear that the duck could not find her way back out of the ice! She was trapped underneath and wasn’t strong enough to break through to the surface! She was going to die!


Yngvil captured every terrifying second through pictures. You can feel the terror in each shot! Lars didn’t hesitate. He stripped off all of his clothing with lightning speed and jumped into the waters, breaking through the thin layer of ice that the little duck could not.


He swam to the trapped duck and broke her free of the ice prison! Water had gotten under her feathers from being submerged so long, so she didn’t have much time.


He reached the ledge and tossed the little duck to safety before pulling himself out of the frigid waters. The duck was panicked and in shock. He hurried to save her life.


He picked her up and tried to warm her, but the freezing water had taken its toll.


The fearless duck did not struggle when he wrapped them both in a towel to try and warm her back up. He was cold, but knew that he would be fine. This little duck might not have had the same luck.


After several minutes, he put his clothing back on, and the duck seemed to make a full recovery! The duck still did not fly away, even after being warmed and dried. It seemed that Lars had made a new friend.


The most incredible part about this story is that Yngvil was able to capture every terrifying moment in high-quality pictures. This is definitely a story that needs to be remembered! Perhaps they can frame each picture and arrange them on their living room wall. Everyone in town will know the story of Lars and the Duck!

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