They Thought This Kitten Had Lost An Eye…But Didn’t Give Up Hope!

Nestle was found in a mailbox one day in West Virginia. It was a scorching summer day, and the people who found him were shocked that he survived in the heat, cramped inside of the metal box! At just 3 weeks old, he was in serious danger of dying from being overheated. Thankfully, she knew what to do to help. Instead of surrendering the kitten to the shelter, the former owner stuffed it into the shelter’s mailbox.The kitten was in bad condition. An infection in his eye had rendered it unusable, and they were worried that he would be permanently blind due to how severe it was. He was overheated, infested with fleas, constipated, dehydrated, starving, and suffering from a urinary infection.

But his foster mom wasn’t giving up on him. She gave him care around the clock, and slowly, he began to get better. He gained a few ounces and after a few days, was able to open his eye little by little.

After two weeks, he could hold it open for longer periods of time! He eventually regained his sight, and although it might not be perfect, he is still improving every day! He quickly gained confidence as time went on and hopes to find a new forever home as soon as he is fully recovered!

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