They Thought This Face In The Creek Was A Platypus At First. When They Get Closer?! Heartbreaking!

While out hiking with her father and her husband, the group stumbled upon a secluded area of Mt. Glorious National Park. They were taking in the sights and fresh air when they saw frantic ripples in the creek nearby. They thought it might be a platypus or even a kangaroo…but as they approached, they witnessed the saddest face they had ever seen! While the guys attempted to help out the poor creature, she hung back to give it space and to document their discovery.7.25a6

They weren’t sure if the animal was domesticated or not, but they couldn’t just let it drown. The water was freezing and there was no ledge for the animal to pull itself up onto. It as exhausted and there was no way to know how long it had been treading water, trying to survive. 7.25a7

They looped a rope around the dog’s neck and pulled it to safety…they saw that it was a female with a docked tail and knew she had to have been domesticated at one point. She tried to get away from them, but was too tired to go very far. They couldn’t leave her in the woods because they knew she wouldn’t survive the night.

7.25a8She was so exhausted, they put her inside of a large canvas bag and carries her up the steep, rocky hill. When they made it to the car, she was just as happy as could be. 7.25a9They began to post on Facebook, pleading with anyone who knew about a missing dog. The dog’s owner contacted them within 30 minutes. He had been searching for his dog, “Bob” since the 30th of June over 15KM away. Nicknamed “Elly-Bobby,” he was able to describe his dog well enough that they knew it was her. When the pooch was reunited with her human, it was clear that she was relieved to finally be back after her 23 days of being homeless.

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