They Thought This Dog Was Dead On The Streets…But She Made A Remarkable Recovery!

This four-month-old mutt had been found on the street, collapsed and barely breathing. Months of neglect and starvation had taken their toll, but the most shocking thing was the evidence of abuse. Someone had kept the puppy alive – but just barely – and discarded it carelessly on the streets to die. But they didn’t count on her being found and nursed back to health by determined veterinarians!11-11a6They named her Xena – after the warrior princess – and cared for her day and night, giving her love, food, medicine, and the medical care that she was so desperate for. The rescue volunteers shared her story on Facebook, hoping to find a person who would appreciate her determination as much as they had.11-11a7That’s when Xena met Jonny, a boy with Autism. Before they met, Jonny wasn’t able to say more than a few words to his parents, and physical contact was impossible. Jonny lived in his own world, and no matter how hard his parents tried, they just couldn’t reach him, and he was unable to communicate back.

But as soon as he met Xena, he spent the entire day playing with her, cuddling her, and petting her…shocking his parents. 11-11a8They adopted Xena, and in months, found the Jonny was learning more and more words, expressing himself in ways that they had never imagined. Jonny now participates in Autism awareness events and hopes to share what his friendship with Xena has helped him to achieve.

This little dog, left for dead, had a lot to offer the world, and one little boy is eternally grateful for the hard work of those determined veterinarians.


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