They Thought They were On To Something INCREDIBLE! …But Then They Overheard THIS!

Last week, I caught my son eavesdropping on a conversation I was having with my husband about his birthday party plans. The kids were supposed to be in bed (key phrase: supposed to be) and I heard a soft shift on the carpet covering the stairs. My husband looked over and saw his footie pajamas peeking over one of the ledges and finished his sentence with “but he’s not big enough to eat yet! We’ll just have to wait until after his next birthday…” His little “gasp!” made me whack┬ámy husband on the arm before I followed the curious kid upstairs to have a conversation about eavesdropping on people’s private conversations. THIS story takes it to a whole new level!


This joke always gets a chuckle out of me! These “nuts” will probably think twice before they try and sneak into someone’s conversation again for a long time! I can’t imagine being that scared! At least this poor old man got a good cardio workout that day. This little boy learned a lesson that he will NEVER forget! Too funny.

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