They Thought They Were Going To Rescue A Few Kittens…OOPS!

The rescuers from Richmond, VA thought they were out to pick up a few kittens that had been orphaned by a feral cat in the neighborhood. When they arrived, they were completely shocked to discover 14 little kittens hiding away in the bushes!

The kittens were found the backyard of a condemned house and after taking them to get checked out, think that the collection of fur babies was from three separate litters. They were mostly worried about finding enough space to keep the kittens. The shelter was already very full and adding on the care of 14 kittens was going to be tough…and there was a chance that it would be impossible.But when they got to the vet, she shocked them by offering to foster all 14 kittens for an entire week while they arranged for space to be made!

As a veterinarian, Dr. Allred knew that the first week that a kitten spends away in a foster home is the most critical and wanted the kittens to have the best chance at surviving their harrowing ordeal. The extra week gave the shelter enough time to rearrange other animals, plan foster care for the kittens, and allow for time to shuffle around a few other animals to deal with the unexpected influx of kittens!

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Hopefully, the kittens will pull through their transition and be ready for adoption very soon!
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